What does Run Fair mean?

EQL's smart technology helps deliver a fair launch for everyone:
Only humans can enter launches: Every entry goes through a multi-step security verification process that confirms you are a human.
One entry per person: Entries are deduplicated against unique identification tags.
Launches are always secure: EQL uses best in class security protocols and comply with GDPR standards to make sure your information is always safe and secure.
It should be simple to enter: Once you have a verified EQL account, entering becomes a breeze.

For more information, please visit the EQL  FAQ for more information.

Am I charged for entering a launch?

It’s free to enter and your card is only charged if you are selected as a winner after the launch ends. If successful, you will be charged the retail price + postage and handling fee you agreed to when submitting your entry (standard local taxes may also be charged by your city/state/country depending on your specified shipping address). Please visit the EQL FAQ for more information. 

Can I enter the same launch multiple times?

Everyone should have a fair chance of winning so launches are limited to one entry per person. Please visit the EQL FAQ  for more information. 

Why do you need my credit card details when I enter?

Credit/debit card details are required as a security measure to deliver a fair launch for everyone by helping us confirm you’re not a bot and allowing us to check if any fraudulent activity has occurred on the card. Please visit the EQL FAQ for more information. 

Why do I need to provide my personal details to a third party / EQL? 

EQL is an industry leader in making sure that products are launched fairly. To do this they require the personal information they request.
Please note, EQL is a separate business that collects and treats personal information in line with legal requirements and industry best practice.
You can find out more about their privacy practices in their Privacy Policy, and more generally about them in their FAQs.

Do I purchase the product from EQL?

No. EQL runs the launch on our behalf and winners purchase the item from us. If you are successful and have a product or delivery enquiry, please contact our support team. EQL is not the merchant of record. 

How do I create an account prior to launch?

If you haven’t previously entered a launch run by EQL, the only way to create an account is by entering the launch as a new user once it is open. Please visit the EQL FAQ for more information.

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