EARLS COLLECTION is a luxury clothing brand inspired by sporting greatness, nostalgia, and the continual pursuit of ‘better’. Former professional athlete, founder and creative director; Lewi Brown, established EARLS in 2018 with a mission to redefine sporting attire and his own identity.
The namesake EARL is the generational link connecting Lewi to his father and grandfather, who both sadly took their lives after a long battle with mental illness. Shortly after the passing of his father, Lewi left his professional sporting career on his own terms to pursue a new dream and re-define the name ‘earl’. 
EARLS regenerates the nostalgia of sporting heritage to create a distinct aesthetic that is unapologetically its own. Textures, materials, and silhouettes pay tribute to childhood memories and are embellished with personal touches inspired by Lewi’s journey. EARLS celebrates individualism. It asks that you are always ready to take the next step into the future and pay homage to your past. 

EARLS COLLECTION is a journey towards positivity. It defines the end of one era and the beginning of another. What was once a project driven by an urge to shift focus and chase a new dream is now reborn into a legacy of optimism, determination, and evolution.